Hair Care Tips

“Virgin Hair” does not mean “no maintenance,” It means “quality”. In order to maintain the integrity and longevity of your extensions it is essential to increase your knowledge of hair care. Protect your investment by promoting a healthy hair regimen to both your natural hair and your extensions.

Recommended Supplies

  • Satin Bonnet or Satin Scarf 
  • Plastic Shower Caps 
  • Wide tooth combs 
  • Large Paddle or Loop Brush 
  • Hot tools with heat guage. (Not mandatory but suggested for heat control)
  • Flexi Rods or alternative heatless curling tools

Recommended product types

  • Raw Coconut oil (Works great to control dryness) 
  • Raw Olive oil (Works great to control dryness)
  • Shampoo & Conditioner (It is very important to use shampoo’s and conditions that do not contain the following ingredients: Ammonium Lauryl Sulfat, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Silicone)
  • Clarifying shampoo (This is key to having light beautiful hair as it removes build-up from the hair and should not be used as regular shampoo, once every 1-2 weeks )
  • Moisturizing shampoo (This is key to returning moisture back to dry brittle hair) 
  • Deep Conditioner (Conditioner with natural products and no Silicone is best)
  • Leave in Conditioner (*Leave in conditioner shouldn’t be used more twice a month)

Products lines that keep your Delish Lengths oh so SWEET:  

  • Suave Naturals
  • Paul Mitchell "the detangler"
  • Redken
  • Organix Biotin and Collagen
  • Biosilk