First Washing

First Washes are Important

A First wash is always recommended before installing. Our hair is cleansed prior to shipping to you however during the handling process and shipping we always suggest starting out with fresh clean hair.

First wash instructions

1. Detangle Your Hair

Use a paddle brush or wide tooth comb (preferably paddle brush) comb gently through the top of your hair to the ends to eliminate any tangles. Make sure to brush out hair before washing.

2. Wash and Condition Your Hair Weekly

Keep hair in the original bundle (in elastic) to prevent knotting and tangling.  Try to stay away from shampoos that contain sulfates or alcohol.

a) Apply a generous amount of shampoo to your extensions. Do not rub or roughly agitate. b) Rinse hair ensuring that all shampoo is totally removed. Including from the wefts and hair under the elastic band. (Repeat)

 c) Apply a generous amount conditioner make sure the tips of the hair get enough conditioner.

 d) Rinse well and towel dry your hair. Conditioner can leave heavy residue behind make sure, you rinse your hair properly.

 e) Comb out hair using a paddle brush or wide toothed comb. Pat dry your hair with a towel or blow dry on a low heat. Air-drying is the best thing for your extensions.